Our Services

We offer a variety of luxury services including  individual styling, short and medium haired dogs de-shedding treatments, medicated or exfoliating treatments, and sensitive skincare, that aim to keep your pet clean and healthy.
Pricing varries depending on the size, breed, weight, the condition of your pet’s coat and service time. After completing this form we will evaluate these factors and get you the best quote we can to help you and your pet.


involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells by using the bristle brush and Dead Sea mud scrub.

Medicated Shampoo

soothe sensitive skin , eliminate skin odor, remove allergic triggers from contact with the skin but also contain ingredients that reduce the allergic reaction, itching and inflammation, make dogs more comfortable as they recover.


Specially formulated and designed to clean thoroughly, yet gently, without causing allergic reactions to your pet. Our formula is PH balanced using all natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera & select vitamins which produce a clean, healthy coat with a soft pleasant fragrance.

De-shedding Service

Our groomers highly educated and trained.  We use  shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for your dog breeds coat and skin type to help clean and safely remove both dirt and dead hair with minimal discomfort to your pet. To reach the maximum potential we finish the process with brushing, blowout & combing procedures using specifically designed tools for each breed coat.